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Tatiana Faa

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Believed Age (what others will think):
Tatiana appears to be in her very early twenties, having been embraced at the age of 21. Her naivety can make her appear as a neonate though a few Crone might remember her as a nomadic Circle member in Europe from the mid 18th Century onwards. A smaller number might remember her from before this time as a Chorus member, though she had very limited interaction with the Crone. Due to her nomadic lifestyle she didn't stay in one area for large amounts of time and as such her true age is not known.

What others will know:
Tatiana arrived in Nashville, TN, last year bewildered and barefooted, looking for her family. After twice being seen by the ruling Primogen in one evening she was finally accepted in the care of Primogen Aeric Sinclair and is never now seen without him nearby.

As he has been spending much time in the courts of Scotland and Tatiana has become active within the Circle there, working closely with the Heirophant of Edinburgh, Lady Rhianne O'Neill. She has also developed ties with Lady Amelia, Pontifex of Eboracum and Heirophant of North Yorkshire. In April 2006 she sucessfully conducted an experimental ritual for the Crone of Glasgow and then Edinburgh (UK).

To those few who are aware of her past, conducting rituals is not unusual for her. She might be remembered as a wandering priestess who worshipped the Morrigan with rituals of sacrifice and mortification. Tatiana does not reference any of these past activities or her age with any kindred that do not already remember her - instead she habitually presents herself as a fledgling to those outside of the Covenant.

Her clan has never been confirmed. She is always well presented and is most often in the company of the Daeva.

Her features have an ethereal quality that some find extremely arresting.


She stands at 5'7", has pale skin, blue eyes and very long red hair.

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